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15 Best Apps For The Student To Learn Effectively

15 Best Apps For The Student To Learn Effectively

There’s a phrase: “Education is one of the most important things in life. You can bet that every one of us has heard that phrase at some point in our lives. Although we don’t deny this statement, let’s be honest, studying gets boring at times. That’s why you shouldn’t focus on diligent study, but what you should focus on is smart study. While there are several ways to do this, we like to learn the most through apps on our smartphones. If you’re wondering what apps are on this list, here are the 15 best apps for students to help them learn effectively:

App Blocker Apps:

Using the best apps for students on your smartphone will only be worthwhile if you can avoid distractions from other apps, we understand that this is easier said than done. Many students have trouble learning by being distracted by social media all the time. These students are often need to turn to custom writing help in order to get a good grade despite their failures. If you are having the same problem, you can use some apps to block apps so that you don’t open certain apps for a certain period of time.


Designed to help you stay focused on your normal lifestyle. It blocks all apps from opening on your smartphone unless you whitelist them. Once the app is activated, you won’t be able to open any apps. If you try to open a blocked app, it will automatically close and you will get a message on your screen. You can set goals where you can define the number of minutes you want the service to be active. There’s another section called “My Day,” which is useful. This gives you an idea of your phone usage throughout the day. This feature is very handy when you want to analyze where you spend the most time.

2. AppBlock 

Although AppBlock is a simple app, it does a very good job of blocking apps for specific times. To start, you can create and name profiles that define the days and times of their activity and the apps to be blocked. Like OFFTIME, you can also block notifications for blocked apps. To use the app to its fullest, you can buy the professional version with in-app purchase, which allows you to create more than 3 profiles, store all locked notifications, allows you to set unlimited time intervals and unlimited apps in profiles, and even removes ads.

The best scheduler apps

Once your distracting apps are blocked, you can keep using your smartphone to learn effectively.

1. myHomework Student Planner

One of the best scheduling apps you can use as a student. With this app, you can store your homework and class schedule, all in one place. You can add your class names to the app so you don’t have to enter them over and over again. You can also choose the type of homework from a list that includes tests, study, lab, project, etc., etc. And set a due date. Depending on the importance of your homework, you can also set the priority from high to low.

2. Google Calendar

If you’re looking for an app that stores not only your class schedule but also your entire day’s schedule, Google Calendar is the app for you. With seamless integration with other Google products and cross-platform syncing capabilities, it almost doesn’t matter what platform you use it on. With the app, you can create an event, set a reminder, or even set a goal. You also get notifications of all your events, reminders, and goals, which makes it a really handy tool. The app allows you to search through your notes, which makes it very convenient and hassle-free.

The best note-taking apps

Now that you have everything planned out, it’s time to take action. The most important thing you should be doing in a lecture is taking good notes. The best way to do that is to write those points down on your smartphone.

1. OneNote

The same OneNote that you like to use for notes on your computer can also be used on your smartphone (Android and iOS). Since notes are synced, you can be sure that all of your notes will be available to you on whatever device you’re using them on.

You can create different notebooks to organize your notes. In a notebook, you can create different pages where you can type using the virtual keyboard, add pictures, add voice notes, draw with your finger or stylus, and even create checkboxes.

2. Google Keep

If you want to take short notes, Google Keep will provide you with one. Speaking of Keep features, you can make a note or create a list. Like OneNote, you can also use Keep to take notes with your finger or stylus, add voice notes and add images. If you want to categorize them, you can also add your labels. To top it all off, the app also has cross-platform customization. You can also set reminders for your notes.

The best word processing apps

If you’re writing an essay, a note-taking app doesn’t offer enough formatting options to do so. If it does, you can download a word processor app that will allow you to not only type and edit your files but also format them to a large extent.

1. Google Docs

As a Google product, Google Docs provides seamless integration with Google Drive. The work you do in the app is saved in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about saving it every few minutes. You can format texts with a variety of formatting options, including font, font style, font size, text color, highlight color, indentation, and paragraph spacing.

2. Microsoft Word

Just as you can use OneNote on your mobile device to take notes, you can use the Microsoft Office app as a word processor. The formatting options in Microsoft Office need no introduction. Just to name a few, they include font, font style, font size, font color, paragraph formatting, etc. Like Google Docs, the Microsoft Word application allows you to share data either via OneDrive or as email attachments.

The Best Dictionary App

Just as a student’s life would be incomplete without a dictionary, this list would be incomplete without mentioning a dictionary app.

1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

As you would expect from any dictionary, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary app shows you the meaning of words. In addition, you can hear the word’s pronunciation, see some examples, and learn a little history about the word’s origins. Your recent search history is stored in the app so you can go back to them. In addition, the app also shows you “Word of the Day,” which will help you increase your vocabulary.

The best learning app

1. GoConqr

When you open GoConq for the first time, you have to choose your profession. Although there are options such as ” Study”, “Teach”, and “Work”. When you choose ” Study”, you will be given the next level of education. You can choose anything from secondary to post-graduate education. In the app, you can discover different groups, joining which will help you connect with different people who are studying the same subjects as you. It also helps because the app allows you to teach others in your group. In doing so, other members of your group can also do the same.

Best Organizer App

1 .Office Lens

For some reason, every one of us will miss a class at some point. In that case, it becomes really hard to cover all the notes by copying them, so most of us tend to click photos to keep them digital. But when we have to review them, it all looks like a mess. Well, that can be avoided if you use the Office Lens.

You can organize pictures right in the app and create a PDF for all your pictures.

The best cloud storage apps

1. Google Drive

If you are an Android user, you already use Google Drive. It has some really useful features. In addition to uploading files and folders to the cloud, you can also create them in the app. You can also scan images and upload them. That makes it a great scanning app. If you also use Google Photos, you can also add them to a folder in Google Drive. By default, you get 15 GB of free storage with your Google account.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is another great cloud service you can use. When you create an account for the first time, you get 2 GB of free space. Like Google Drive, you can create or upload new files and folders, scan documents and install a desktop client.

Best calculator apps

1. GeoGebra graphing calculator

If geometry is not your strong suit, you may find this app very useful. Here, you can enter an equation with up to 3 variables and a graph for that will be built in seconds. In addition to this, you can also draw graphs either with your finger or by using the various software tools provided within the application, such as lines, circles, tangents, etc.

2. RealCalc

If you’re looking for a good scientific calculator app that doesn’t take up a lot of space on your phone, you can find only RealCalc. It does everything a good scientific calculator can do. In addition to basic calculator functions such as calculations, percentages, and 10 memory states, it offers functions such as trigonometric functions, unit conversions, permutations and combinations, and hyperbolic functions.

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