Loading . . . – Admin Login Guide, Change SSID Name – Admin Login Guide, Change SSID Name is a general option for the default IP of a router other than, and This private IP address is used as the login of a router. If you want to reach the admin panel of your router, then the system has to be connected with your router’s Wi-Fi. Go to your browser, type or and hit enter to access the admin page of IP.

Most people do not know their IP addresses because, during the router configuration, the entire work is done by a technician. So, we miss the chances of knowing it. Whereas, you may need to change the password of Wifi, parents control, or SSID for which you need the IP of your system. After logging in to the router, you can see the navigation panel where you can manage the data traffic, view statistics & configure the settings of your router.

The brands such as UPVEL, TRENDnet, NEC Aterm, and Eclipse use The said IPs are used to access a Wireless router, DSL Wireless Router control panel or Travel router. Such standard IPs are otherwise known as Default Gateway IPs.

How to Login for admin ? login is done by the following steps:

  • Get connected to your router’s network either using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly
  • Once connected, open a browser in your system
  • Type or in the address bar and hit enter
  • Once reaching a login page, do enter username and password to start. The same will be found in the Manual guide of your router or you can obtain it by doing an internet search
  • Log in using the username and password
  • You can manage all settings from the admin interface by just login into the admin panel

Use of

Over 26 billion devices are connected with the internet presently. But, only 4 billion IPs are accessible. Every device connected to the internet fails to have its IP address. Without having an IPv4 address, it is not possible to find out devices connected to a network. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) helps in providing a universal solution for Private IPs to prevent IPv4 exhaustion.

Troubleshooting Login of a Router:

Do you have a problem logging in to your router? Then, be sure of following the possible reasons in this regard:

Wrong IP Address:

If you fail to log into your router, it might be due to an entry of the wrong IP address. Say, for example, your router’s default gateway is and check whether you have entered or 192.168.l.10.1. Many wrong variations of a correct IP are used by users. So, immediately they can experience a “not loading” error or a failed blank page.

Wrong Connection:

Are you not connected to a Wifi connection of your router? Then, you cannot log into your router. Do you wish to access the setup page of your router through a mobile? Then, skip using mobile data in this case. Still, do you have trouble in log into your router of IP? Then, please approach an expert to find out the cause of your issue and solve it.

How to Change IP address and Password for

You can change the local IP of your router by following the below steps:

Do you like to change the router’s local IP address? You can do it. However, you fail to log into your router with the IP though changing its local IP. It is important to keep in remembrance about your login details to access it at any time.

  • Step 1 – Visit the setup menu or an identical option on the router
  • Step 2 – Click on the option “Network settings”.
  • Step 3 – Go to the router settings & enter your desired IP address
  • Step 4 – Save the changes

Wrapping Up

It is possible to change your router settings very easily. Some routers even have parental control settings that will give you more leverage. Additionally, configuring a VPN service on some of the routers is also possible. However, executing the right steps matters here.

The process of changing the Wi-Fi password on

  • Go to a web browser and log in to your admin panel page of the router
  • Go to Wireless Settings > Security > Password Settings
  • Choose “WPA2-PSK“ as a network encryption
  • Enter a new password that you have chosen
  • Click apply for saving changes

The process of changing network name (SSID) on

  • Go to your router settings panel
  • Go to Wifi wireless settings
  • Go to Basic settings
  • Type your new network name in the field of SSID
  • Click apply for saving changes

Generally, users used to type 192.168.l.10 instead of The former id is a wrong one and the correct Id is the latter one. Sometimes it happens by mistake or fetching the wrongly typed one from the saved memories. So, always type your IP instead of copy-pasting or fetching from memory. The two IP addresses 192 168 10 1, 192.168 10.1 are wrong and they should be At least 3 comma separators should be in an IP address.

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