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How do I Draw a 3d Star drawing easy for kids

How do I Draw a 3d Star drawing easy for kids

Today, we learn how to draw 3d star drawing easy drawing for kids. so, keep watch on how to draw 3d stars for beginners to draw stars easy.

Materials for drawing

I’m going to use this lesson

  • Sleeve HB & 2B & 4B
  • 1.0 Multiline coppice pen

Step 1 – Draw a 3d Star drawing

In the first step, the standard star shape is drawn 3d Star drawing. So I will use my trusty ruler, but feel free to draw up the star freely. I want to make the3d Star drawing as symmetrically as possible. 3d drawing easy

3d star drawing


First, put a dot in the middle of your paper. This will represent the very center of your

First, draw from this point a perfectly vertical line. The width of this line is the length of your star’s branches. I will make my line 4 inches long in this situation.

Okay, so we got a branch of one of the five. Now it’s time for the others to sketch 3d Star drawing. Imagine doing this, you want to break the circle into five equal parts around the middle point. And as your starting point, you can use the first vertical line.

This you can just look at. Or you can use a protractor to weigh it if you really want to be exact about it. Between – sides, you will want to make the angle 72 degrees.

You should have 5 lines that are equally separate from your center point when you are finished 3d Star drawing. The lines should be equal to the first vertical length of your first line.

Now connect the ends of these lines to form a star in this pattern. And here we are! We’ve got a great beginning.

By the way, if this is all too technical for you, feel free to draw your 3d Star drawing.

Okay, it’s over the rough part. This normal star can now be transformed into an unimaginable star.

Step 2 – Return to Impossible 3d Star drawing: Daily Star!

Go now to the tip of one branch of the star and calculate a little distance down. Then draw a horizontal line in this direction.

3d star drawing

Then, for the other 4 divisions, repeat this process. Make sure you achieve uniform spacing.

The tip of the branches will be deleted next. Let’s ink the lines that we want to maintain in order to prevent misunderstanding before going any further. In the outline of our sketch, I’ll use a 1.0 Copic multiline marker.

And just delete any of these instructions so it’s not getting too chaotic. I will retain these pentagon guidelines as they come in handy later.

So, now connect the corners of our star form as follows.

Note that in the middle of our drawing we now have 2 pentagon forms. A major staff. And a pentagon of medium height. Now let’s draw in the medium the third pentagon.

So, This is best achieved by drawing the medium pentagon side again, expecting them to shift inside to form a smaller pentagon.

So, In this little pentagon, let’s ink now. Nowtodaytrending

Just imagine you’re trying to get from the little pentagon to the big pentagon to get within the remaining drawing.

This is what I mean… What I mean here…

Let’s begin with a small pentagon’s this hand.

You can either go left or right to get to the main pentagon. For the first one, which one you choose doesn’t matter, so let’s just go right.

Sp, Line the big pentagon from the small pentagon. When you get to one side of the big pentagon, turn and proceed on that side until it stops.

All right, let’s move on to the next. Again, you can go left or right to hit the big pentagon. We have to go right, however, as the left side is blocked. And once you get to the big pentagon, turn and go sideways.

And perform this process on the other three sides of the Pentagon.

So, This line is linked to the tip of the 3d Star drawing in the last phase.

And for the other 4 lines let’s do it too.

Remove the pencil line now and we have an unexpected star.

Step 3 – The Unable 3d Star drawing Shading

3d star drawing

Let’s add some shading now to add a dimension to this drawing. First, we’re going to work on this branch.

I am going, to begin with, the use an HB pencil to make a simple tone here. Then I will place dark gradients on these three areas to stress that the 3d Star drawing branches overlap.

Now, let’s move to this section and put a gradation at this end and this end with a highlight area in between. Learning Alphabet for kids

So, Next, let’s use a 2B pencil to go re-enforce the darker areas.

So, And now, we’ll just repeat this process for the other 4 branches.

Lastly, I’ll take a 4B pencil and add some hard shadows to the areas where the star branches are overlapping. This little bit of detail will really make the drawing look much more 3 dimensional.

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