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Top Most Popular Sports in USA – Which Sport Is Your Favorite

Top Most Popular Sports in USA – Which Sport Is Your Favorite

The United States is home to a wide variety of sports. Whether it’s basketball, soccer, baseball, golf or anything else; this country has many different options when it comes to sports. The American people love their sports and have high expectations for the athletes who compete in these games. In the beginning of the 20th century, however, the United States didn’t have such a wide variety of popular sports. Today, you can find almost any sport around America but some of the most popular are listed below. Read on to find out which sport Americans are currently enjoying most!

Most Popular Sports in America

1. Baseball

According to the American Sports Data, baseball has the most revenue out of any sport in America. The New York Yankees alone made $534 million in revenue last year, a record-breaking figure for an MLB team. There are also many different types of baseball games and leagues in America, ranging from college baseball to professional baseball. The popularity of this sport has been seen all around the world as well. As one of the most popular sports in America, it is interesting that this sport was not even invented here!

2. Football

According to Forbes Magazine, football is second behind Major League Baseball as far as revenue goes. In fact, football generates more than MLB by about $2 billion a year! With such a widespread following and so many teams playing at all levels and in different leagues, it is no wonder this sport is one of the most popular sports in America today. This goes without saying but don’t forget about the Super Bowl!

3. Basketball

This sport can be found virtually anywhere in America and that includes schools, colleges and universities as well as professional teams like the NBA or WNBA. According to data from ESPN’s list of top earners from men’s basketball players worldwide on their website, basketball players make up twelve spots on that list! This sport has even been a part of international sports competitions where USA Men’s Basketball participated against such countries as Spain and Brazil during 2012 FIBA World Championship games!

The History of Sports in America

In the beginning of the 20th century, sports weren’t as popular in America. This was mostly because there wasn’t a large amount of professional sports at this time. However, the popularity of sports started to increase after World War I and continued to grow throughout the 1920s and 1930s. The United States had its first major professional league in Major League Baseball in 1903. These days, Americans love their sports and watch them regularly on their televisions. Americans also love to attend sporting events and cheer for their favorite teams!

Which sport is your favorite?

American’s love sports and have high expectations for athletes. Some of the most popular sports in America are listed below.

1) Baseball

2) Football

3) Basketball

4) Soccer

5) Ice Hockey

6) Golf

7) Tennis

8) Auto Racing

9) Leagues and Federations


You may have heard of a few sports but in the USA, there are hundreds of sports that you may be unfamiliar with. Here is a list of the top 10 most popular sports in America.

1. Football

2. Baseball

3. Soccer

4. Basketball

5. Ice Hockey

6. Golf

7. Tennis

8. Racquetball

9. Swimming

10. Lacrosse

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